Indonesia Jakarta Street Food 1276 Tomatoes Chilly&Vegetables Cabe Tomat Pasar Rau Serang Banten5967 – Jakarta Video

We can buy Tomatoes Chilly Vegetables Cabe Tomat Pasar at Pasar Rau Jalan Samaun Bakri Pasar Rau Terminal Serang Banten, thanks for watching:).

Jakarta Indonesia Perumnas Klender Jakarta Timur.


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  1. Om, dipasar rau ada uduk enakk di perempatan, kalo mau saya bisa anterin sabtu / minggu

  2. wortel di tetanggaku setengah 12 ribu tapi di pasar rau 8 ribu

  3. Tomatoes Chilly n Vegetables Cabe Tomat Pasar Rau Serang Banten is located in Bangalore, India.


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