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We’re going to get married next month but we’re still unsure of how our marriage can be recognised in Indonesia and other legality stuff.
So i was wondering to post this to some who have been through this.

1. We’re going to get married in Australia as my fiance holds an Australian passport (we have found a celebrant, etc.), but i read the article saying that

Law of Administration of the Population (2006) (Undang-Undang no. 23 Tahun 2006 tentang Administrasi Kependukan) supersedes the 1974 Marriage Law. It states that Indonesian citizens who do not get married in Indonesia will have their marriages recognised. They need to register their marriage with the Indonesian Consulate in the country where the marriage takes place

Does it mean that we need to make an appointment with the Indonesian Consulate in the city we plan to hold our ceremony in? Or can we just go there and fill up the form and submit it on the same day? What is the process?

2. Do we need to submit the documentation when we’re back to Indo again after submitting those forms to Indonesian Consulate in the wedding location? Meaning that failing to do so, our marriage won’t be recognised in Indonesia?

3. We heard of this prenup thing and we consider to have one as I have an asset in Indo and am willing to invest in the future (owning an asset) in Indo. Does it mean that we need to have a prenup? Does anyone know any lawyer (or Notary is enough?) that provides this service (but cheap please.)?

4. I would like to put his last name on mine, does anyone know the process? I’ve read the article saying that i need to submit the request to the court and need to change my Birth Certificate first before i can update my passport? Meaning that i don’t need to update my National ID and Family Card to update my passport?

Thank you so much!

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