Setting up a small consulting company?

Hey Folks,
Me again, I tried searching this area of the forum for info on setting up a small consulting company… but turns out the word “consultant/consulting” is quite frequently used.

I’m an American citizen that has lived in Indonesia for around 7 years off and on since 2007. If anyone has any resources or info on setting up a small consulting company that you could point me towards that would be very much appreciated. I’ve found info on what is needed for large consulting companies (PMA), but that’s way out of my scope.

So yeah, any info or links would be greatly appreciated and if any additional info is needed please let me know as I know this is a general question (no idea if the registration would be national or only in one region, no idea if it’s classified by industry: oil, logistics, hospitality, or if it covers a broad range), so was just hoping to find some info to start from before going into further detail.
Thanks guys,

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