Can’t get ITAP until 3 months before ITAS expires?

Hi, I went to apply for conversion of my Kitas to Kitap and the immigration officers at both the local and regional offices are telling me I cant apply for kitap until 3 months before my kitas expires?? “The system won’t accept” is their response. (spouse kitas to spouse kitap, married for over two years, had four bloody kitas’s but the current one was not by extension so considered first kitas – but this isn’t the problem). Has anyone else had this problem recently – i.e. immigration saying you have to wait until 3 months before kitas expires to apply for kitap? I know (or at least I am pretty sure) they are wrong, so looking to see if anyone has had the same excuse given to them, and any advice on how to get them to reason and follow the hukum.

Bit of background: I have had nothing but wrong information from my local immigration office when trying to convert my kitas to kitap over the last two years. First they did the old “you have to have kitas for two years, after two years they go nah actually its five years, then after all that they finally got what I was trying to argue with them at the start that (for a spouse kitap) it doesn’t even go off how many kitas’s you’ve had, it goes by how many years you’ve been married (2 years, we’ve been married 4). Now that I’ve finally got that bit clarified, they are saying I can’t apply for Kitap until 3 months before kitas expires because “the system won’t accept it”, I’ve tried the lines “please show me the regulation that states this” etc but they won’t seem to budge just say the “system won’t accept”. I am so frustrated and feel like they are making excuses to stop me getting my kitap, because its not the first time they have given me the wrong information as described above.

Other than the simple fact I am being denied something I am legally eligible for, my situation is I can not wait until the last 3 months before my kitas expires because I am currently pregnant, plan give birth in my home country, and 3 months before my kitas expires is when I am due to give birth.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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