Testimony for a gardener

Recently I hired a new gardener from a neighbour. His name is Budi. His age is 50 years old. He drives a “bebek” motorcycle and works around housing complex in Kebayoran Lama.
He said he also works as a security at a house nearby.

This man what we call a weird mentally ill person. One morning at 9:15 AM my husband was leaving for work. This gardener just arrived to work at our house. Rather than giving a
good morning greeting, he was giving a impolite gesture to my husband and then started ignoring my husband. Of course, my husband did not like this gesture as because the previous
gardener was more friendly and polite. This person is weird. He wears a baseball hat and always looking down. Sometimes when we look at him, he keeps looking down and ignoring
eye contact (See the photo we have taken).

Second incident…. On a Friday noon. We were going to have lunch at our dining room. The dining room is facing our backyard. Suddenly this gardener came in from the back passage
and when he looked at us, he started yelling at us for no reason. Of course, we got mad and asked why?? He started squatting down and kept looking down at the grass. Pretending
we were not there. He kept squatting down and pretending doing his work on the grass.

Because of the 2nd incident, we had to let him go. We don’t want to hire a mentally ill person because it is dangerous for our safety. .


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