Director/Komisaris RPTKA,IMTA,DPKK _new PR 20/2018

Hi All, would like to ask re. new PR 20/2018 regulation co.Director/Komisaris who is also Pemegang saham/shareholder.

question 1: is this already in effect?

question 2: Director/Komisaris no need RPTKA , IMTA and therefore, NO DPKK fee (1200 USD/year) ?

question 3: I am an active Director & also Pemegang saham/50% share in my very own PT PMA.( Perdagangan Besar/Trading/agency Co.)
I have presently still valid RPTKA and IMTA ( till 2019)…..Live in Indonesia and have KITAP till 2022.

When these doc. (my present RPTKA & IMTA) are close to expire date in 2019,what should i do?
Just do nothing or should apply or do any report to MOM ?
Then,is there something to be reported or changes (Perubahaan) made in Immigration for my KitaP (valid till 2022)?

question 4 : is there an english version of the PR 20/2018 ( link would be appreciated).

I’d be grateful for short comments/tips on above.
Thank you v.much.

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