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Hello, My name is Pawel im 25 years old guy from Poland. I am following this forum for a long time but this is the first time when I decided to register and write something.

In few months I will finish my master’s in Indonesia and I would like to find some legal job after that in Indonesia. I like this country and I would like to live here. I know that this is very hard thing for freshgraduate with a little work experience… However I have an Indonesian girlfriend and we plan to get married soon. As far as I know, when someone is married to Indonesian it is allowed to work as a freelancer without special work permit- and here is my question’s :

1. Is the freelance job avaliable only on ITAP (5 years) spouse visa or also on the ITAS ( 1 year visa which need to be extended for the second time before apply for ITAS)
2. As I am living in Indonesia since 2015, is there any posibility to try to apply straight for 5 years ITAP spouse visa? During my stay in Indonesia, I had have ITAS student visa 4 times, while the last two years (on going till august 2018) is the 2 year’s uninterrupted stay (after 1st year I extended ITAS inside the country, without EPO).

Thanks for any tips,

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