Keeping NPWP after Kitas expired

Hello guys,Â*

This is going to be a strange question.Â*
I am currently working in Indonesia (under a Kitas) but planning to go freelance in the next few months.Â*

I am not planning to work again in Indonesia, I will have an LLP in the UK (with a pass through taxation system), but I am planning on keep living in Indonesia, most likely under a sosial budaya or a business visa. I will work from home with oversea clients, nothing from Indonesia.

My question is, can I keep my NPWP, and officially continue paying my taxes here in Indonesia once my Kitas expired ? Will the pajak want me to pay since I will be (according to the law) Indonesian resident although I am not a Kitas holder anymore and not engaging in any business on local soil ?Â*

I’ve seen answers on this very forum from people with Kitas and foreign pensions that got rejected from Pajak, which makes me very confused. The law is pretty clear but never seems to be applied.Â*

Can I open new bank accounts and things like that that usually require a Kitas with my NPWP only ?Â*

Thank you for your help !Â*

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